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A Customized Productivity Program

Designed for the high-achievers who secretly struggle with getting through the ever-growing list of responsibilities and tasks.

Get It Together

Get Clear

Get it Done

What Are the Outcomes of This Program?

Be In Control of Your Calendar

Say YES to what matters most

eliminate the overwhelm

De-clutter your mind

Increased Revenue

Focus on the most valuable activities

Remove the Excuses

High-level accountability

Implement Quickly

Step -by-step guidance

Get Things Done

Isn't this the whole point?

I've tried other programs
How do I know this will work?

Most productivity programs are designed to fit one personality type, mostly like the type of the person who created it. What if that doesn’t align with who you are or how you process information?

A one-size-fits-all program cannot address your particular decision-making process. Because you are unique, getting traction on the things you want to get done requires a solution that is tailored to how you are wired.

This program addresses a different perspective by investigating the intersection of productivity and personality type.

It succinctly answers the question,

‘How does my personality type inhibit or enhance my productivity?’

What's Included?

5- Week Cohort

Small group sessions that are instructor-led. Our focus will be centered on the 9 Principles of Productivity and putting them into practice.

In-Depth Type Assessment and Feedback Session

Discover the most effective ways to get into action based on how you are designed. Learn how to quickly recognize and break the patterns that do not serve you.

Weekly Assignments

Live activities, not case studies that you can immediately apply to your particular situation. The result is the ability to create new habits of implementation.


"Get Traction" Tools- Build your own toolbox of the productivity capacity builders. We will assess these tools together to ensure the proper fit and functionality for you and your business.

** BONUS**

Best Practices Guide- Your own customized operations manual with the systems and procedures that work best for you. It's an easy access reference to the principles you have learned during this cohort.


Weekly Office Hours LIVE- An invitation to meet me in my virtual office once a week. It's our VIP Ask Me Anything session.

What Do You Need To Do To Be Successful In The Program?

 Be Willing To Let Go Of The Beliefs That Are Keeping You Stuck and The Habits That Are No Longer Serving You

Show Up And Engage In All Of The Work Sessions

Put The Productivity Principles Into Action

 Be Ready To Adopt A New Perspective To Productivity That Allows You To Complete Your Tasks With Confidence

 Do All Of The Assignments According To The Schedule

Ask For Help Whenever You’re Struggling

Ready to Get Going?

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Apply For A Spot in the Group

Just a few questions about you and what challenges in particular you are facing right now.

Let’s make sure that this is not only A solution, it’s YOUR solution.


Time To Go
all In

Full registration and payment information will be sent to you upon acceptance into the program.


You're In!
Let's Go!

Schedule your personality assessment and feedback session.

Be ready to work!

Break the Cycle

$ 1997
  • 5-Week Accelerator (Group Coaching)
  • Principles of Productivity Framework
  • Proven Strategies to Tackle Overwhelm
  • Customized Productivity Capacity Builder Tools
  • Personality Assessment with Roadmap on How to Apply the Feedback

Still Have a Few Questions before Applying?

Drop me a note and let’s get things figured out.